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Sun's out, YOU'RE out!!

It's SPRINGTIME!! Which means, we get one sunny day, mentally check out of indoor training, and expect them all to be sunny and warm! In reality though, it's still hit and miss. So don't cancel that gym or Zwift membership quite yet, there still might be some days you'll want to hit it hard indoors.

There are a few things that are good to consider each year when it's time to get outside, get going on your goals, or get ready for the first race of the year.

*Bike check: It might be time for a spring tune-up. Whether you've logged a ton of indoor miles, or had your bike sit over the winter, it can be a good idea to get it ready for the season. If you aren't your own mechanic, bike shops are swamped right now. Plan ahead, call and make an appointment so you don't have to be bike-less for weeks. (The Bike Shoppe in Ogden, Utah is a partner of SVC coaching and is an awesome shop for your bike maintenance and needs!)

*Bike fit: Each year our body changes, for better or worse. We may be more or less flexible, gained or lost weight, a number of things that may have resulted in biomechanical changes in you. Getting a bike fit can really get you dialed in for comfort and power.

*New running shoes? Track your mileage so you know when it's time for a new pair of kicks. It is recommended to get new shoes every 300-500 miles depending on the runner.

*Set up your training zones. Again, our fitness levels and bodies are always fluctuating. The beginning of the outdoor season is the perfect time for power and HR testing to get your training zones set up. Each workout should have a purpose and having proper training zones can help take your training to a new level.

*Get out in the SUNSHINE! Most of us living in the northern hemisphere are likely deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These vitamins are essential for optimal bone and muscle health. Vitamin D is ALSO one of the most potent inhibitors of cancer cell growth! So if your workout schedule allows you to sneak out in the daytime for a little sunshine along with your workout...double bonus!!

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