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Coaching Philosophy


There is a myriad of information out there about training, racing, nutrition, etc.  My goal is to filter that information and give you the most recent, scientific-based information in regards to your training plan, race strategy, nutrition and your overall health.  A good training plan is all in the details.  Let me take care of the details so you can focus on the training.

Anyone can train hard, but in fact, the best athletes train smart. With SVC Coaching, each workout has a purpose.  I believe that a well-balanced and scientifically based approach to training results in not only more PRs, but healthier and happier athletes.  Whether you are a cyclist, runner, or triathlete, I've got a training plan for you.  New to your sport?  Perfect,  I help any level of athlete, from the rookie just getting started, to the veteran racer looking to shave a few minutes off their time and get on that podium!

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