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Coaching Plans

Triathlon, Cycling, Running, Mountain Biking

Whether you are signing up for your first race, need some accountability, or are ready to bust through some plateaus to crush next season, SVC coaching can help! Science-based coaching applied to your specific goals, life, and schedule is the best way to set your season up for success!


Coaching Plans

Multisport Monthly           Coaching 

Biking/Running Coaching Plan 

         Training Plans

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Multisport coaching takes the guesswork out of your training and lets you focus on getting the work done! The multi-sport plan includes all your weekly workouts (5+) using TrainingPeaks software, ongoing nutrition consulting, and unlimited coach/athlete communication.

This plan is geared toward the cyclist, mountain biker, or runner who wants a coach to help them take their fitness and racing up a notch. This plan includes all weekly workouts via TrainingPeaks, unlimited athlete/coach communication, and nutrition consulting along the way!

Choose from a variety of training plans for your next event.  This includes the training plan without additional coaching or nutrition consultation.  These are perfect for the athlete who wants a training plan without an ongoing coach.

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