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Image by Massimo Sartirana

Training Plans

Choose from a variety of training plans for your next event.  This includes the training plan without additional coaching or nutrition consultation.  These are perfect for the athlete who wants a training plan without an ongoing coach.

Intermediate Half Marathon Plan

This plan is for the runner who has completed a half marathon and is looking to improve their performance. You should be comfortable running 4 days per week and be ready for some hill and interval workouts that will be sure to improve your strength and speed. Workouts are based off of perceived exertion, with terms like "easy", "hard", "target race pace" to describe the workouts. (5-7 hours per week).

Trail Half Marathon-Intermediate

This is a training plan for a trail half marathon for the intermediate runner. It includes 4 running days, 2 cross-training days, and 1 rest day. Hill training, tempo runs, and increasing aerobic runs are included in this plan. Whether you are new to the trails, or looking to improve your time on your next trail half marathon, this is the plan for you!

Beginner Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

This is a beginner strength training plan that includes 2 workouts per week. This plan is geared toward the endurance athlete who is looking to make strength gains and prevent injury. The workouts are progressive and weight is gradually increased throughout the program.

Trail Marathon-Intermediate

This plan is for intermediate runners training for a trail marathon. The 20-week plan includes hill work, tempo runs, and of course, long trail runs. Bag some peaks and get your fastest trail marathon time with this progressive plan!

Intermediate Strength Training for Off-Season

Geared toward endurance athletes, this plan will not only help with your functional strength but will result in transferred power gains outside the weight room. This plan includes a combination of body weight, plyometrics, and traditional strength training exercises.

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